The Drug Monitoring Initiative Drug Recognition

JUNE 25, 2019 ​

This course is designed to assist in the recognition and reporting of incidents involving heroin and opiates.  Attendees will be provided updated information regarding the administration of naloxone.   This course will enable the attendee to identify heroin, opiates, and other narcotics.  The attendee will be provided with relevant treatment and prevention resources according to region.  Additionally, the attendee will be able to properly report and expand upon drug related incidents and investigations through established channels.  This will facilitate real-time access to drug data and analysis of drug activity. 

This course is recognized by: the New Jersey Department of Health enabling EMS personnel to earn 8 CEUs.

CEU Class code: 180277819

Recognized by the Addiction Professional Certification Board of NJ (APCBNJ) enabling Prevention and Treatment personnel to earn 6 CEUs. 

CEU Class code: #208062519REC6

Co-hosted by:​

New Jersey Office of Drug Monitoring & Analysis, Cape May County Prosecutors Office, New Jersey Regional Operations & Intelligence Center, Cape Assist, Wellspring Center for Prevention, New Jersey Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services, NJSP Hazardous Materials Response Team, and MAGLOCLEN